As the hardest natural substance known, diamond has come to symbolize an eternal bond.  From the Greek word adamas (or “unconquerable”), diamond was believed by the Greeks to be the tears of the gods.  Its inner fire was thought to reflect love’s passion.  Romans later bestowed upon diamonds the belief that they were splinters from stars, which Cupid used to tip his arrows.  By the time Archduke Maximilian of Austria made the gift of a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477, the tradition of the diamond engagement ring had begun.  To experience a diamond’s magic powers, it must be found naturally.  Lovers can circumvent the problem posed by a purchased diamond by giving it away with a pledge of love.  This selfless act prompts a return of the gemstone’s magical powers and preserves it.

P.S.  A diamond cut solely to preserve its weight may be worth less than a smaller, well-cut stone.