The word “carat” refers to diamond’s weight, not its size.  The term is derived from carob, a popular chocolate substitute.  In ancient times, merchants in the Mediterranean region, where carob trees were plentiful, used a single carob bean to designate a unit of measured weight.  At the same time, in the Far East, four grains of rice were used to equal the weight of one carob bean.  In time, the carat was standardized at 200 milligrams, or 1/5 of a gram.  And, the grain was standardized at 50 milligrams.  Diamond weights are also referred to in terms of points, with one carat equaling 100 points.  Thus, a 75-point diamond will be equal to ¾ of one carat.


P.S.  Three out of four new brides in this country will wear a diamond ring to symbolize their marriages.